Monday, November 28, 2011

Ivalu & Jens | Engagement

May I introduce to you: Ivalu and Jens!

I had been looking forward to this photo shoot for a long time! Not only because It was time for me to get in another Engagement shoot, but also because Ivalu and me have been friends since forever! Since first Grade! So this was special to me! The only problem was, both of them live 4 hours away from where I live, so it was a bit hard to set up an appointment. Once I was there, and we were all set to go, the weather didn't`t play along. So we had to postpone the shoot. But we got it done. And I think it turned out really nicely! Ivalu and Jens are happy with the pictures, which makes me happy!


Verlobung (1)Verlobung (3)Verlobung (10)Verlobung (15)Verlobung (17)Verlobung (19)Verlobung (24)Verlobung (30)Verlobung (31)Verlobung (35)Verlobung (39)Verlobung (43)Verlobung (45)Verlobung (50)Verlobung (56)Verlobung (53)Verlobung (58)Verlobung (62)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Schellenberg`s

A couple weeks ago I got to do a Family Photo Shoot. My Aunt had asked me beginning September to take some Pictures. Finally, a month later, we found a time that worked for all. We choose many different locations and I think the last location is my favourite. I had never photographed in high grass before, so this was new.
I had fun doing the photo shoot!
Familienbilder  (2)Familienbilder  (6)Familienbilder  (17)Familienbilder  (28)Familienbilder  (33)Familienbilder  (38)Familienbilder  (43)Familienbilder  (47)Familienbilder  (49)Familienbilder  (48)Familienbilder  (53)Familienbilder  (57)Familienbilder  (58)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rodeo 2011

I`m back with another post!! It`s been forever, I know, but I`m just trying to adjust to life here in Paraguay! It has been a blessing as well as a challenge, but I`m glad I moved back because it was the right thing to do!

So, in August we had our local Rodeo. This time I was really “involved” you could say! My boyfriend is a part of the Club so he had to be there almost 24/7 and help out. Therefore I decided to join him and take pictures. Other people, who are also in the club, noticed this and were excited to see the pictures I took. Some even said they wanted to buy them afterwards! I was surprised but tried my best to take good pictures. And I actually did sell a couple CD`s later on. Smile 

Ok here are the pictures!

Untitled-1Untitled-1testtt            This is actually all one and the same person. I put all the pictures into one! Smile

Untitled-2Untitled-3Untitled-4Untitled-5Untitled-6Untitled-7Untitled-10Untitled-11Untitled-12Untitled-13Untitled-14Untitled-15Untitled-16These are actually two pictures put together, that`s why it is so long.

And I`ll finish of with my favourite one…


Hope you liked them!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chaco Nature at its best


Lately I have been given lot`s of opportunities to see our beautiful Chaco Nature. I got to go to some ranches and luckily I brought my camera along, because I think I got some good shots!

The house that you see on top, is the usual house that you will see the workers live in on these ranches.



Beautiful sundown!


Drying meat outside


The horses getting “fresh” Smile


And the last picture is just to give you an idea what some of the roads looked like after the big rain falls!

It was awesome!!