Friday, January 14, 2011

Looks like rain? I think so!

Before I moved to Paraguay I (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.) prepared myself that I would not see a lot of rain for a very long time. Whoever has lived in Paraguay these last couple of years, knows what I am talking about. There was literally a drought. Whenever the dark clouds would gather, a strong wind coming south would come and blow everything away before the raindrops even had a chance.
It was sad and depressing to see how many people got disappointed over and over again, because very many farmers depend on the rain. One of them being my dad.
The first couple of weeks that I was in Py, it was hot! As in 46-48 degrees Celsius hot. Just before Christmas God showed his grace and love to us and opened up the skies. It was wonderful! Not only did we get rain, but also many of the farms that depended so much on it. Since then, it has rained three more big rains, each time giving us lots of water. It makes me so happy to see people happy!

Here are a couple pictures of the clouds building up and bringing us rain.

And here is also a picture of me and my family on Christmas eve. I hadn't gotten around to editing it, but now I finally had some time.