Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Schellenberg`s

A couple weeks ago I got to do a Family Photo Shoot. My Aunt had asked me beginning September to take some Pictures. Finally, a month later, we found a time that worked for all. We choose many different locations and I think the last location is my favourite. I had never photographed in high grass before, so this was new.
I had fun doing the photo shoot!
Familienbilder  (2)Familienbilder  (6)Familienbilder  (17)Familienbilder  (28)Familienbilder  (33)Familienbilder  (38)Familienbilder  (43)Familienbilder  (47)Familienbilder  (49)Familienbilder  (48)Familienbilder  (53)Familienbilder  (57)Familienbilder  (58)


  1. I agree. The last ones are the best. I love the sun in the background!

  2. These are really good. I bet they are thrilled with their family pictures.

  3. Excellent!! Great job and great colours in her photos. If I may, I would just remind you to use the whole frame instead of centering the faces and leaving the top half of the photo empty. I notice you did do that in most, so just a friendly reminder. If you wants to centre the faces, then just make sure it is balanced (i.e. framed by trees, fence, etc.)

    Excellent job Marisa!! What kind of camera do you use, by the way? I have trouble getting this vibrant colour out of my lens/camera.

  4. wow, amazing!!! I love your pictures. You are right. The last ones turn out the best. Can you take pictures like this from us, next time when we are in Py?

  5. Love the sky on some of those pics. Gorgeous and great work:)

  6. Hey Marisa, very well done!