Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chaco Nature at its best


Lately I have been given lot`s of opportunities to see our beautiful Chaco Nature. I got to go to some ranches and luckily I brought my camera along, because I think I got some good shots!

The house that you see on top, is the usual house that you will see the workers live in on these ranches.



Beautiful sundown!


Drying meat outside


The horses getting “fresh” Smile


And the last picture is just to give you an idea what some of the roads looked like after the big rain falls!

It was awesome!!


  1. These are really good, Marisa. What a good eye you have. I think the one with the blue clothes pins is my favorite.

  2. Love these!! They are really very typical shots, but you made them look so special! I love the one with the skull on the wall, used as a hookhanger thingy. haha Good one!
    I`m going to send everyone here for a look on my next post.

  3. Awesome pictures Marisa! Glad you finally got the chance to get out there and practice your photography skills:)

  4. Marisa, I cannot get over how good you are. Your photos are sharp and bright. I'm very impressed!

  5. Du bist so gut! Du kannst wirklich anfangen, damit Geld zu verdienen. Habe deinen add im Informationsblatt dafuer gesehen. :-) Hast Du nicht ein paar schoene Chacobilder, die ich bei uns an die Wand haengen koennte?