Monday, June 22, 2009

The Seaworld and a Spider

I'm back!
After a couple of crazy busy weeks, I finally have time again to post some more pics. I have so many pictures waiting to be posted that I figured I would try and post them all today. But right now, lets start with the few animal pictures that I have.
This was at the Vancouver Aquarium about a year ago. These two girls are my friends. I loved how bright and blue the jelly fish aquarium was, so I told them to sit on opposite ends. The focus of the picture is on the jelly's, with the girls silhouettes more in the background.
I love how the sunrays are coming all the way through the water.

With the shark, the sunrayz make him look almost creepy.

This is at home. I found tons of these spiderwebs on the evergreens right outside our house.

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