Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ocean and the Mountains

 Have I ever mentioned that I love Vancouver? Probably not, but I do. Vancouver is a beautiful city and I'm talking about the nature scenery! You have the deep mysterious ocean and the majestic powerful mountains all in one spot. Makes for great pictures. A couple weeks ago me and a some friends went to Vancouver to see the annual fireworks. I was so excited to bring my camera and try and capture some good shots of the fireworks. Sadly, I had not thought about the fact that, once you're trying to take pictures of fireworks, the camera needs to be on a steady, still surface otherwise known as a tripod. And the location that we were at, there was no way I could have just put the camera on the ground and gotten any good shots.
Well all this I found out later. Before it got dark, I was able to take pictures of an amazing sunset and those turned out pretty well!


  1. Very nice! I miss the mountains and the ocean.

  2. wow the second one is my fav! love all of them!

  3. liking the new layout!
    very nice pics, so lucky to have such a talented roomie!