Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here it is! My first official photoshoot!

Last week I finally decided to come "out in the open" with my photography and advertise it on Facebook. I presented my blog and said I'd do free photoshoots! I got lots of replies, more then I expected, which made me so happy and proud of what I'm doing. This way I will get lots of practice and I can perfect my style.

So, here is my first official photoshoot. Ok well, it's just a sneak peek but I'm working on the rest, and they should be up soon.

I went to College with Jen. She is pregnant with her second child and asked me to take pictures of her and her family.


  1. yey im loving it alreday.. cant wait for more pics!!

  2. Very good, so far! Can´t wait to see all of them. You´ll have to make a fb page too. Congrats to your first photo shoot!