Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

I've noticed some more visitors and I just wanted to throw out an official welcome. No, I won't be doing this every time I get new visitors, but it seemed like my blog was finally making some waves out there (since my mom posted about it in her blog, which I am very thankful to her about it) and I wanted to thank the new visitors for their uplifting and encouraging comments!
It's only been a couple of years that I have been loving photography and only until very recently that I have been able to afford a digital slr camera! So far I have been enjoying it immensely but sadly I haven't had too many photoshoots that I could practice on. But here's hoping for more to come..

So thanks again for stoping by!! I love the encouraging comments as well as the constructive criticism!
I have to warn you though, I'm not an active blogger like my mom, but I'll try my best! ;)


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