Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books, Stars and Sunshine

Alright, so after a couple of  uneventful days I scrambled together the pictures that I took. The first one's are from Chapters, the Library in Vancouver. Me and Amanda went to Vancouver on that day because it was Italian Day. I was hoping to take some pictures of that but of course it was poring rain.
On the weekend we had beautiful weather and a cloud free sky at night. So I tried my best to take some pics of that. Anyone have any suggestions on how to take better pictures of a starry night?
The last ones are also from the weekend, of my friend Carly. I was trying out one of my lenses, the 50mm f1.8! I love it! It focuses in really nicely!
Oh and this last one, frozen watermelon on a stick! So good plus healthy!! :)


  1. I love these photos! The colors! Are just so vibrant and the new background on the blog is really fitting too.
    I´m very proud of you!

  2. These pictures are all great! I love the idea of frozen watermelon too - I've never had that!

  3. Wonderful photos! I looove the first three.
    The first is really awesome! :) So creative!

  4. You definitely have a good eye for composition. I enjoy your perspective! Love the watermelon on a stick - too cool! Lovely blog!

  5. Lovely photos! I'm not a photographer so I don't know the terminology, but I know what I like, and I like your photography! :D