Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello and welcome back!

I finally took some time again to sit down and make another post. it is almost midnight on a saturday night and me and my roommate are watching james bond. the one with pierce brosnan. so far it's pretty good.

Alright, I thought I would share maybe with you guys what kind of camera I'm using now. It's not a fancy professional one, it's just a plain digital camera, a nikon coolpix s210 with 8.0 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. However, I do love this camera. It doesn't have any outstanding special features but it has served me well in the last year.

Although, if I want to take more creative pictures I need those special features and that's why I'm looking into buying an slr nikon camera. (I don't know why exactly nikon...) Man those things are expensive but wow do they ever take good pictures. I guess the money you put into it is worth it. At least it should be. Therefore, I'm just trying to look at the options that I have. So far I've looked at the D40 and the D80 one and I really like the D80 one. I guess I should start having Garage and Bake sales...

Ok that's it for now. Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. When your camera isn´t that "good", it´s great to use a photo editing program like Picasa. But there are others out there, like Photoshop and others. They help to enhance the pictures that look just "blah" to something special. Picasa is the one I use and the best thing is it´s free! :)
    Hope you have a good sunday! Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. By your banner, and some of your shots I already know your talent is just going to grow and grow. Even with a teensy camera, you have THE EYE, and thats more important than the equiptment. I know people who have top equiptment but could not take a pic with imagination if it bit them.

    You experiment with angle, light etc... and the best hint of all... take your camera EVERYWHERE... no amount of equiptment, quality of equiptment is a substitute for BEING THERE... catching a moment that could be missed.

    I look forward to visiting when I am able. You must be so proud of your Mom, she's a wonderful person and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her over this past year.

    Wishing you succes on your blog and in your photography and yes, thats a wonderful choice of a dream camera!

  3. Hi Meika, I came over from your Mom's blog.
    You have the same camera as I have... and the one you want is the one my husband has. Yes, its expensive but he loves it and takes some great pictures!

    Welcome to blogland!

  4. Hi there, stopping by from your lovely Mothers blog. I am very intersted in photography but just a beginner so will be interested in your journey too.

  5. Came over from your mother's blog. Like you I have a Olympus 8.0 megapixel camera. I doubt if I can operate the expensive ones and feel quite satisfied with the results. Do keep it going like the various 'picture a day blogs'!

  6. Stick with Nikon. I actually use a Canon 20D and 40D, but the rebel, which is much cheaper, takes better photos. Sigh.... Anyway, if it wasn't so expensive to change over to Nikon, I would. I already have all the extras for my canon, though.