Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gloria and Andrew - Engagement

I have to make a "small" confession. When Gloria started dating Andrew I was not happy. Let me clarify that, I was not happy that some boy swooped my best friend off her feet and totally took up all her time. I mean, she was supposed to be my other half! :) With time I got used to it and I got to know Andrew. Now, I have to admit, he is a great guy. A guy who puts a huge smile on my friend, who takes great care of her and it warms my heart to see those two so in love. It reassures me that they are meant for each other. 
The day of the engagement session we decided to go all out. We choose three locations - Fort Langley, White Rock and Granville Island. Yes, we were all over the place and it took all day. But we had such a great time and throughout the whole time, the couple was so at ease and relaxed, that the pictures turned out great! 
Also my other friend was second shooting with me. Check out her blog:

Gloria and Andrew, I wish you guys all the best!! Have fun planning your special day and may God bless you guys on your road through marriage with all the ups and downs! I love you guys!


  1. I think it´s great that you made that confession. I never had a best friend like that and it´s something to cherish. I know Gloria has been a blessing in your life! I love your photos!

  2. Love the pics Misa. It was fun doing the shoot with you:)

  3. Same here Sandra! :)

    And thank you Mam!

  4. aww.. you're the BEST!! i hope you know that i am going to miss you soo much. my confession is that i'm pretending that everything will stay the same and that you're never leaving.. but you are and i have to accept that. its going to be hard! thanks so much for taking these pictures of us! they all turned out so great! i didn't think i was gona have that much fun doing it! you totally made the day :)

  5. absolutely gorgeous misa!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Gloria, now you had practice shooting with andrew so i'm sure on the wedding day its gonna be easy as pie! :) They all look so so great!

  6. Wow!! They all are soo beautiful!!